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Disclaimer: My work in no way discourages you from getting a degree or diploma. The stories we share and the people we highlight, are solely here to show you that there are other options and other paths to take in life. If you have a degree, great! If college isn't your thing, cool! This is a community of nontraditional learners who are straight slayin' their lives. I hope you get to know them and hear their stories because it'll be sooo worth hanging out with us for a bit.

I'm Tierney.

A non-traditional learner, living a constantly curious life. 

I bring you inspiring stories about people who've built lives worth living without following the status quo.

 Learn how to SKIP college with 10 concepts they didn't teach you in school. 

In this phenomenal (and priceless) audio training you'll learn the top 10 lessons I've gathered from the inspiring people I've interviewed. 


These lessons will teach you how to design a life worth living, just like our guests.

Collaborate & Listen.

Have you been able to non-traditionally design a life you love? If so, I'm dying to hear your story! Please join me in helping others design and live inspiring lives by sharing your story on our channel. Fill out the form below to be featured.